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Why would I want to check out black monster terror .com?

The times I have tried over and over again to figure out, I keep getting excited about new things. They always seem to be changing and adapting for the better and I really like what they just did with it recently. I just had a conversation with myself that went something like this about…

Is this truly a site I can meet someone I will be interested in? Maybe this is a site I can really get into, or maybe it's something else?

where do your loyalties stand tonight?

   just gotta check to see if you are still a true fan

   ha ha, DEFTINITELY  one hundred PERCENT BEHIND!!!


   Brett Favre will choke tonight... just watch

   this is going to be an intense game

   heading to fanatics soon

   have fun tonight buddy! go Pack!

   definitely go Pack

   actually i do have a question...

   and if they lose, this state may blow up tonight

   yeah, shoot

   u still with lindsay?


   living with her now

   oh cool, just curious because on fb you guys werent listed as a couple

   she doesn't have a facebook

   I let her have a spot on my profile picture

   I noticed that you are in a facebook relationship

   ahhhh, i've been "dicussing" fb relationship status with my gf


   did she deny you

   if Lindsay were on facebook, I would be listed as in a relationship with her

   i'm on the fence with this issue. i dont want to announce to some girls that i have a gf but i do want the guys she's friends with to know we're dating

   dude, the only possible reason that you would have this problem is because you want to fuck around possibly, but don't want her to have the chance


   i need to break it off if i feel that way, don't i?

   yeah, potentially

   but Cali dating is different than Wisconsin dating

   true, but she's a WI girl. did you ever meet my friend Becky? she's tall, used to date my other friend nick.


   she lives out in Cali now I take it

   yep, in santa monica. I really like her but I'm thinking it's time to end it all. I have been meeting soooooo many hot Cali girls since I've had a girlfriend

   it's terrible because I was always the good guy in these situations, but now it's getting more and more difficult.

   BTW, you hear about Jason's wedding?!?!

   what about his wedding?

   in florida

   and you can stay the good guy, do the right thing and break up with her before banging Cali girls

   or stay with her and don't bang the Cali girls

   i know what I have to do

   but it's hard breaking it off with someone you are also really good friend with and have been for  years

   is there anything special about Jason's wedding besides it being in Florida?

   I was just bringing it up to get your reaction

   I'm excited for him, but that will be one more "man down"

   u engaged yet?


   that won't happen for a while given this economy

   I wouldn't do that until I have a more stable income

   good man, stay strong

   I moved in to save money

   no reason to get married until children are in teh picture

   yep. That's a good way to look at it

   if there is one thing that I know, you can keep going on hooking up with chicks forever if you really want to, but it makes it harder to make the switch to being an honest guy

   and I don't mean honest as in truthful

   I'm learning that lesson the hard way.

   I know I can close the deal, and you are the number one closer of them all

   actually though, i think a big part of the problem for me now is that i just don't like her as much as I should

   that makes sense

   When I was with Lauren I was totally faithful and didn't even think about messing around with other girls.

   yeah, I have had thoughts, nothing I would ever act on though since will be there

   it is a constant cost benefit analysis

   Yeah, and that's fine. We will all have thoughts. It's all about decisions we make

   ha ha!

   well put

   I guess I have to go pick up some beer for the game. It is on in  mins right?


   I gotta finish eating and go

   all right buddy, talk to you soon. u may get a drunk phone call from Jason and I on Thursday, we're hitting up San Deigo


   Later on

   talk to you later, good luck with your decision

   thanks man, I like where your heads at.

It really is always a cost benefit analysis especially when you are looking into and what you should or shouldn’t be doing. I like that fact that they are always making it better and I can meet people I never thought I’d be able to speak with on there, let alone date.

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